Breaking News: Hamhead seizes control of BN Crew in dramatic coup.      -      Ceb seeks refuge in linen room.      -      Gapford location unknown.      -     Gapford sabotages Edgewilds X-Mas delivery.      -     Sources have confirmed: BN Crew website is ridiculous      -     Gapford kills everybody      -     Edgewild purchases ivory back scratcher      -     Hamhead purchases Edgewild      -     Edgewild enters voluntary liquidation, Hamhead rejoices      -     Hamhead files for bankrupcy      -     Kid Bisto to buy out Hamhead      -     Gapford to buy out Kid Bisto      -     Edgewild, Hamhead and Kid Bisto in suicide plot.      -     Cutter, Happy      -     Jevo expresses hope      -     Gapford expected to dash hope and happiness.      -     All the lads have kids      -     Gapford unveils plans to remove kids from lads.      -     Gibbo mistaken for walking dead.      -     Lofty arrested in sunroof shitting scandal.      -     Ceb arrested for not paying for anything for years.      -     Putin: Gapford is drunk on power.      -     Gapford: Putin is drunk.      -     Ceb: I'm drunk.      -     Gapford declares black Friday racist, creates white Wednesday.      -     Black people remove Wednesday from calendar.      -     Mallets confides in Cutter, "I was raped by a ghost".      -     Cutter to Ceb, "We need to find some new mates".      -     Gapford declares Tuesday 'Kill all of your friends day'.      -     Kid Bisto - Dead.      -     Gapford accused of manipulating media.      -     Gapford is amazing.      -     Edgewild & Sam happy.      -     Gapford angry.      -      Edgewild to collect post for Ceb.      -     Ceb wastes a lot of time on this news ticker/website.      -      President John F. Kennedy dies from wounds sustained in Dallas attack.      -      Thatcher to close Welsh mines.      -      Gapford continues hate campaign against Welsh and Austrailians by renting out table.      -      Kev joins a union, gets nowhere.      -      Cutter exposed as union spy, gets nowhere.      -      Gapford attacks child.      -      Child dead.      -      Ceb desecrates childs grave.      -      Mould removed from fridge.      -      Bean says something.      -      Bean's phone engaged.      -      We are an absolute joke declares Ceb after debut of three new tracks receiving zero likes on Facebook.      -      Danz receives life sentence, seems happy.      -     Lofty believed to be alive say police in Paris, presumed dead too somehow.      -     Body of BN legend JOR found in lake district, presumed wet.      -     BN Crew legend Senior goes on rampage, death toll stands at 65.      -     Jackstack contracts mystery illness, spends last hours 'heading home.'           Breaking News:  Andy Whyment releases single, then takes it back.      -     Bruiser arrested for assault, later claims it was some foreign guy.      -     Mallets changes name to Lord Mallets, Gapford, Cutter refuse to accept.      -     Hamhead once again named Big Booty Daddy.      -     The Meanalogue starts world tour, fatalities expected.           Breaking News:  Disco Lights risks wrath of the Backlash by releasing range of feminine hygiene products.      -     Bean found dead, later claims he was 'just trying to get home'.      -     Gapplication denies existence of Backlash, claims 'It is fine, everything is fine.'      -     Toolbox returns to the fold, later found out to be hallucination.      -     Well James crippled in mystery attack.           Breaking News:  Cutter takes part in mystery attack, describes it as 'rapid buzz'.      -     That guy is sound.      -     Paul E. Believably believed to be in Hungary to avoid backlash.      -     BN Kingpin Ceb still awaiting backlash, believed to be 'expecting fucking Hell.'      -     The Ennistigator claims backlash could spell the end for BNCrew, is later found dead.           Breaking News:  The Bean wins Emmy for 'Captain Cruinneas' eukener'.      -     Lorcan rushed to hospital with suspected broken pelvis, changes name to Elvis the pelvis.      -     Lofty avoiding backlash in the Legal Eagle compound.      -     Q-Ball claims backlash is related to BN Crew's violent agenda, later beats self to pulp.      -     Russell involved in multiple car pile up in own bedroom.           Breaking News:  Unihead has 41st heart attack, barely notices.      -     Peter Sheridan files for divorce, court rejects on grounds of him not being married.      -     Ex BN manager Guy Nougat offers to help his former band during this time of emergency, receives beat down from Kid Beef instead.      -     Bred suspends annual trip to Australia, goes into hiding.           Breaking News:  The Cutter claims he doesn't care about the Backlash, just wants to lift things up and put them back down.      -     Gibney Ray's mate Table still at large, in his fucking head.      -     Dylhead checks into rehab, checks out book at library.      -     Gaidan seeks advice from Muttonhead about backlash, later beats him to death.      -     Gayommie calls meeting of entire Team Sexy to discuss backlash strategy.           Breaking News:  Groover calls Gayommie gay.      -     Iano invites wrath of backlash by claiming he has risen from dead weekly since 1996.      -     The Mongrel holed up in flaming shack.      -     The Colonel Sack prepares for Backlash by growing moustache.      -     Muttonhead spotted on fire at bus stop in Leatherhead.           Breaking News:  Tim believed to have fled country after initial signs of backlash, believed to be heavily armed.      -     Moosejaw claims to be 'made of pain.'      -     The Moonthor gives kidney back, claims one is more than enough.      -     Kate offers kidney on EBay, no reserve.      -     Rogan Josh says next book will be about the Backlash, if he survives it.           Breaking News:  The Bean pleads with nation to 'keep it real'.      -     Hoffman McQueen pays tribute to Findus Kid in bizarre facebook message.      -     Suntan O'Connor hospitalised after by election win.           Breaking News:  Doctor EdgeWild fading fast, priest summoned to hospital bed.      -     Limewad said to be fearing backlash, behaviour said to be disturbingly erratic.      -     Daly has wank.      -     Beardo returns from Middle East peace talks, claims he'll 'sort it out later.'

Hamhead With A Bag On His Head Hamhead Does Some Mickey Flick Type Thing
Gapford Sprays Degreaser On Himself Kev Bursts Through Some Tables
Solo Chair Fall Group Chair Fall
TV Pillow Scream Cone Clipping With Enhanced Sound
Ceb Screams Part 1 Ceb Screams Part 2
Loads Of Ridiculous Shite News Blast 03/06/11
Ceb goes wild on a flatpack shed Gapford Jobs To The Bag
Double B heads off in a chair Gapford Has A Breakdown
The FinDbar issue Gap ruins the power washer
When did this begin to happen to you? The milk off
Work Mayhem Boat flush
Bean, a tribute Exploding childs football vol. 1
Washing machine destruction Safety in the workplace 1
Safety in the workplace 2 Safety in the workplace 3
Muttonhead tribute 2 Ripped off
Disillusion The Bee Hat incident
I been everywhere Unihead goes redneck
The Bean fridge incident PC side panel attack

Hamhead-Baghead [Back to the top]
Hamhead Micky-Fick Thing[Back to the top]
Hamhead has a mad crisp bag on his head for some reason.

Hamhead looking like some kind of pervo.

Gapford Gets His Face Sprayed [Back to the top]
Kev Bursts Through Some Tables [Back to the top]
Industrial degreaser to the face.

Kev bursts through some tables in the RDS

Solo Chair Fall [Back to the top]
Group Chair Fall [Back to the top]
The old classic.
The old classic, tandem version

TV Pillow Scream [Back to the top]
Cone Clipping With Enhanced Sound [Back to the top]
Ceb shouts into a pillow for some reason.
The BN Crew have fun with some cars and cones.

Ceb Screams Part 1 [Back to the top]
Ceb Screams Part 2 [Back to the top]
Ceb shouts at loads of random things.
Ceb shouts at loads more random things.

Loads Of Ridiculous Shite [Back to the top]
BN News Blast 03/06/11 [Back to the top]
Not quite sure whats happening here or what it means but we take it pretty seriously. (Taken from WWBN era)
Another high quality report brought to you by Quantum Steed Cube, featuring some savvy editing.

The Bean Heads Off In A Chair [Back to the top]
Gapford Jobs To The Bag [Back to the top]
With time to spare at a houseparty in Courtown in about 2000 the Bean and Ceb hatched a plan involving a chair with wheels, here's the fruit of their labour'.
Nobody needs to see this.

Ceb Destroys Somebodies Garden Shed [Back to the top]
Gapford Has A Breakdown [Back to the top]

Enraged by the thought of living past thirty Ceb took it out on somebodies flat pack shed.
A video made by the quantum steedcube to highlight the deteriorating mind of Gapford.

The FinDbar issue [Back to the top]
Gap Ruins The Power Washer [Back to the top]

Following a short stint in an advertising campaign with HB Ice Cream Finbars life began to spiral out of control, his fall from grace came in 1997 when bn member and friend Dr. Edgewild intervened and told him to get his shit together. He did.

Rather than lend Jackstack his power washer Gap destroyed the power washer forcing Jackstack to watch as he did so. Jackstack later died.

When did this begin to happen to you? [Back to the top]
The Milk Off [Back to the top]

What explaining does this require?

Cutter takes on Grintleberry for the title of something or other, i cant actually remember who won this thing in the end, does it really matter?

Work Mayhem [Back to the top]
BN Crew boat flush [Back to the top]

Bruiser and Ceb take it to some sort of metal catering thing, possibly a hot food serving counter or some shit like that, either way we fucked it up.

BN Crew members Ceb and Dr. Edgewild seen here testing the power of the toilet flush on their tour boat 'The Herald Of Free Enterprise' shortly before departing the port of Zeebrugge.

A tribute to The Bean [Back to the top]
Exploding a childs football [Back to the top]

Possibly the greatest member of the bncrew finally has his own tribute video joining the rankings of some true bn legends. None of this video is extremely flattering.

The latest sport thats sweeping the nation is 'Childs Football Exploding', here are some videos from this years championship which was won by Ceb, oddly enough he was the only entrant too.

Washing Machine Destruction [Back to the top]
Safety in the Workplace 1 [Back to the top]

This thing proved to be possibly the best built washing machine in the history of washing machine manufacture, it took longer than anything to smash up, notable cameo from a chest freezer too that bruiser was actually inside for a while.

As part of some story I just made up resulting in some major accidents in the workplace that literally all of the BN Crew were once employed the Crew were ordered to produce several 'Safety in the workplace' adverts to be aired in their own fucking heads every few minutes, this is the first of three.

Safety in the Workplace 2 [Back to the top]
Safety in the Workplace 3 [Back to the top]

As part of some story I just made up resulting in some major accidents in the workplace that literally all of the BN Crew were once employed the Crew were ordered to produce several 'Safety in the workplace' adverts to be aired in their own fucking heads every few minutes, this is the second of three.

As part of some story I just made up resulting in some major accidents in the workplace that literally all of the BN Crew were once employed the Crew were ordered to produce several 'Safety in the workplace' adverts to be aired in their own fucking heads every few minutes, this is the third of three.

Muttonhead Tribute II [Back to the top]
Ripped Off / Employment Benefits [Back to the top]

This is a short tribute to the many faces of M. Head. Compiled and edited by Ceb.

After the overwhelming reaction to Employment Benefits Ceb re-edited it with different music.Starring Gaidan & Peter Sheridan. Directed by The Bean. Edited by Ceb.

Disillusion [Back to the top]
The Bee Hat Incident[Back to the top]
Filmed on location in the CZ9 this film is an emotional portrayal of one of the greatest problems of our time.
Starring The Bean & FNK. Directed by BN Crew. Photography by Ceb.

Possibly the greatest moment in tv history happened on The Sopranos, BN Crew felt it necessary to recreate it. Starring Ceb (x3) and Beans Hand & Arm. Directed by The Bean & Ceb. Edited By Ceb.

I Been Everywhere [Back to the top]
Unihead Goes Redneck [Back to the top]
Following the disappointing sales of their most recent album and several high profile law suits it was time for BN Crew members Frank (FNK) and Ceb to get a job. This is what happened. Starring Frank (FNK). Directed & edited by Ceb.
Having recently been removed from the Board Of Racial equality (forcefully) it was only a matter of time before the reason for this became known to the public, This video is that reason. Starring Unihead. Directed by Ceb. Edited by Ceb.

The Bean Fridge Incident [Back to the top]
PC Side Panel Attack [Back to the top]
Possibly the lowest recorded ebb of any bn member in history this is the video that inspired a serious amount of people to 'end it all'.
After living together for seven years and never leaving the house cabin fever eventually took its toll the minds of Frank (FNK) and Ceb. Starring Frank (FNK) & Ceb. Directed by laying the camera on something. Edited by ceb.