NEW RELEASE - Cabin Fever (Trip Into Uncle D's Dream Part 6).
This shit is nuts

   Warning, extremely ambient content, here's 'Cabin Fever'

BN Crew - Cabin Fever (Part 6)
(MP3 320kb 2:37 6.159MB)

NEW RELEASE - They won't Let You Remember (Trip Into Uncle D's Dream Part 5).
This shit is nuts

   Inspired by Tollbox's late nineties hit 'Here Come The Snippy Bits' this latest addition to the Dream is an instant bag of shit, enjoy!

BN Crew - They Won't Let You Remember (Part 5)
(MP3 320kb 3:32 8.324MB)

NEW RELEASE - Mein Auto (Trip Into Uncle D's Dream Part 9).
This shit is nuts

   The latest from the Trip Into Uncle-D's Dream, this is Mein Auto, it's pretty much techno/dance and of course it's in German too!

BN Crew - Mein Auto (Part 9)
(MP3 320kb 3:12 7.537MB)

NEW RELEASE - Cabinet (Trip Into Uncle D's Dream Part 15).
This shit is nuts

   Another effort from the Trip Into Uncle-D's Dream project, this one is 'Cabinet', another desolate ambient excursion into the minds of the people who brought you this website!

BN Crew - Cabinet (Part 15)
(MP3 320kb 2:33 5.986MB)

Hamhead appoints Muttonhead to senior cabinet position.
This shit is nuts

     BN leader Hamhead has named long suffering BN life sentence Muttonhead to his cabinet as Minister for Crimean Affairs.

     The Ham/Mutton axis has long been a force in the BN Crew even though I literally thought of it there about 5 minutes ago.

     Since Hamhead took control of the BN news from within the crew has slowed to a trickle. Some commentators attribute this to Hamhead's 'Iron Fist in the Velvet Glove' policy although there is a growing movement suggesting we just lost interest for a bit and nobody noticed.

     Mutton is expected to not really notice his new position and there will either be far reaching, wide ranging changes or everything will just stay the same.

     Muttonhead has long supported Hamhead and is widely believed to have been behind the Donnybrook Massacre in 2009 when over 6000 people were slaughtered in a Sony shop.

     BN all star leader (probably) Gaidan has gone on record to say 'This is a thing that is happening to us right now. Not tomorrow.'

Hamhead Named Big Booty Daddy.

NEW RELEASE - Gap's Dream (The Onion Mysteries Remix) (Trip Into Uncle D's Dream Part 4).
This shit is nuts

   "Absolutely Mindblowing" is what the critics (Ceb) are (is) saying, Uncle-D's dream gatecrashes Gapford's dream in this haunting track. It will literally make you shit all over yourself and mop it up with your dignity!

BN Crew - Gap's Dream (The Onion Mysteries Remix)(Part 4)
(MP3 320kb 3:46 8.964MB)

NEW RELEASE - Child's Pants Highway (Trip Into Uncle D's Dream Part 7).
This shit is nuts

   The latest release from the Trip Into Uncle D's Dream here is: Child's Pants Highway, it's a lot more upbeat than ambient!

BN Crew - Child's Pants Highway (Part 7)
(MP3 320kb 1:45 4.108MB)

NEW RELEASE - Veneer Heroes (Trip Into Uncle D's Dream Part 10).
This shit is nuts

   More from the Trip Into Uncle D's Dream, this one is Veneer Heroes, it's got some pianos in it!

BN Crew - Veneer Heroes (Part 10)
(MP3 320kb 4:16 10.019MB)

NEW RELEASE - Cobble (Trip Into Uncle D's Dream Part 1).
This shit is nuts

   Continuing the stunning return to form from BN Crew we're proud to present Part 1 of the Trip Into Uncle D's Dream epic, the track is Cobble. Again it's a nod to the original 1997 ambient BN direction, much like today back then we were circling the drain but in a much more psychedelic manner, expect to hear lots of this type of shit backed up by noises, buzzwords and samples of cans being opened and things being sparked up. Upon hearing the new material Gapford described it as "mocking the concept of music", we think you'll agree, enjoy!

BN Crew - Cobble (Part 1)
(MP3 320kb 3:36 8.85MB)

NEW RELEASE - Terrible.
This shit is nuts

   Heralding the new direction of BN Crew here is 'Terrible' from the Trip into Uncle D's dream.

BN Crew - Terrible
(MP3 320kb 1:10 2.69MB)

Jackstack nails his colours to the mast.
     Jackstack Whyte has become the first BN Crew member to officially endorse Hamhead's leadership.

     Putting his head above the parapet, Jackner said 'I, for one, welcome our new Hamhead overlord', the first time Jackstack has endorsed anything in any way.

     Almost a week after the violent leadership coup, he is the first high ranking member to publicly pledge his support because I haven't been bothered to write anything else so far.

     Hamhead himself has been quiet and also loud somehow, probably drunkenly demanding satisfaction in the back seat of a Cinquecento.

Hamhead seizes control of BN Crew in bloody coup.
     Ceb's 20 year leadership of the BN Crew ended today as former All Star leader Hamhead completed a shocking coup to assume control.

     Gunfire was heard in the early hours of this morning from Ceb's Rosslare compound, where the now deposed leader has been sealed for almost 6 years now. The timeline of events is yet to become clear but it is believed several high ranking BN members have died.

     The shocking turn of events has taken everyone by surprise after an unusually quiet few months for the BN Crew. It now seems that Hamhead has been using this time to plan his bloody overthrow of the man who first promoted him to full BN status.

     Early reports suggest that Hamhead was aided by long term ally Disco Lights, who is now seemingly the Lieutenant General of the Crew. Others said to be involved in Hamhead's early morning attack were Bisto and Francis,

     On Ceb's side, it is believed that Toddler and Beardo were both in the compound at the time of the attack and are now missing, suspected dead. It is not known why the two highly ranking BMS/BN members were present at the time but some commentators suggest this may have been known to Hamhead.

     At this early stage, it's unknown if Ceb himself is alive but Hamhead has moved quickly to replace every CZW Renault with a Peugeot, a move that most people are calling 'reliable'. In a very public declaration of his new regime, Hamhead has also torn down the CZW sign, replacing it with a sign saying Scatternagh II.

     The death toll for the daring dawn raid is as yet unknown but bodies were spotted by a news station helicopter which was later shot at by Hamhead's shock troops, as the compound was once again locked down.

     More on this breaking news story will appear on whenever I feel like it.

First Footage Of Hamhead Coup Emerges.

BN Crew - Old And Unused

    By popular demand (there was absolutely no demand) here are the old unused BN Crew recordings.
1. Babykill (Unmastered)
2. Bongbreak (Interlude)
3. Bugle (Bean & Ceb Instrumental)
4. Did You Not Hear Me The First Time (God Version Different Chorus)
5. Did You Not Hear Me The First Time (God Version)
6. Did You Not Hear Me The First Time (Rocket Version)
7. Did You Not Hear Me The First Time (What A Man Version)
8. Digeridoo (Instrumental)
9. Fight (Unmastered Mono Version)
10. Something Could Be Done With This (Instrumental)
11. The Rapists (Jubilant Summer Version)
12. The Rapists (The Look Of Love Instrumental)
13. The Rapists (The Look Of Love)
14. The Rapists (Unmastered Version With Bass)
15. The Rapists (Unmastered Version Without Bass)
16. Tippin' The Cow (Web Racket)
17. Trip Into Alcopop 99
18. Vintage Blood (Unmastered Version)
19. Wild Style (Original)

BN Crew from wayback, check out some of these pics!

This shit is nuts

   A 2002 instrumental that never had a use until now, this is 'The Retrospective' remix using an old school BN instrumental, samples used are 'In A Heartbeat' from the 28 Days Later soundtrack, a scratch built beat and the chorus uses samples from Freddie Mercury in 'Under Pressure'.

BN Crew - The Retrospective (2016 Simple Remix)
(MP3 320kb 3:50 8.79MB)

Hamhead to change name?.

This shit is nuts

   Rumours from inside the BN compound have leaked to the media suggest BN stalwart Hamhead is to change his name to BM2000.

   It is unknown whether this is linked to his upcoming solo album 'Xsara in the daytime' but some BN analysts are suggesting it may be a publicity stunt after focus groups showed little interest in Hamhead as a solo artist.

   The Internet has been more enthused about the leak, with many sites running competitions to decipher the code, a popular theory being that it stands for Bullet Mouth 2000, an obvious and direct attack on BN Kingpin Ceb's personal life.

   This latest information leak brings the total number of people interested in the BNC to almost 20.

This shit is nuts

   Another instrumental found on the long lost hard drive is this one, it's all sample based and works perfectly with 'Bad Sector', the instrumental itself was from 1999 and pretty much rocks what we were into back then. All in all the final product is pretty good considering it's been in the works for 17 years.

BN Crew - Smells Like A Bad Sector (2016 Remix)
(MP3 320kb 3:14 8.2MB)

This shit is nuts

   When the original track was being recorded there was a choice of two instrumentals, obviously this was the version that never came to be but having all the original recordings and such this version was finally completed there a few minutes ago and I think it's pretty good, possibly better than the original, who knows. Get it into you!

BN Crew - The Retrospective (Alternative Version)
(MP3 320kb 4:19 10.9MB)

This shit is nuts

   The instrumental is pretty good but the vocals are a bit iffy.

It's a remix of 'Raw'. The original title of that song was "Reduce Reuse Recycle" mostly because all the vocals were re-performed verses from other tracks (Babykill/The Rapists)

Click here to listen to it:
BN Crew - Reduce Reuse Remix (Raw Remix)
(MP3 320kb 3:18 7.94MB)

This shit is nuts

   Having chopped up Client's "Rock And Roll Machine" back in 2004 in order to use it for something off Clockwork Idiots which never came to fruition the chopped instrumental hung about on a hard drive buried somewhere in the CZW, I knew it would come in useful someday, so here's the 2016 remix of "Get Loose".

Click here to listen to it:
BN Crew - Get Loose (Woodpile Remix)
(MP3 320kb 5:57 14.4MB)

This shit is nuts

   A recent enough song 'Future Equals Fear' always had room for improvement, as does everything BN Crew makes, this remix uses an instrumental from about 2004 that was on the missing hard drive and I finally managed to sneak a Radiohead sample into a BN song, it was a long term goal of mine.

Click here to listen to it:
BN Crew - Future Equals Fear (My Iron Lung Remix)
(MP3 320kb 5:53 13.84MB)

This shit is nuts

   This was an instrumental remix of Aphex Twin's 'Avril 14th' recorded in 2001 in Rathmines, long before that bender Kanye West butchered it for his rubbish song. There were never any vocals recorded for it however it was the same tempo as the 2014 version of the forgettable 'Nothing At All' so it stands to reason it should be morphed into some kind of depressing remix and here it is.

Click here to listen to it:
BN Crew - Escape From Nothing At All (Remix)
(MP3 320kb 4.18 13.1MB)

This shit is nuts

   I'm not really too sure of the origins of this one, I'm guessing this explains why I had all the 'The The' samples on the hard drive, I was aware that the only version I had of 'Christmas Log' and the one I originally put online was a remix. Having located this instrumental in the Christmas Log folder and it being the same length as the vocals I'm guessing this was my plan all along.

Click here to listen to it:
BN Crew - Christmas Log (Originally Intended Version)
(MP3 320kb 0.48 2.28MB)

This shit is nuts

   More shit from me this morning, this is '4 Verses', again made from material recovered from the lost hard drive. This one has the honour of being the longest ever BN Crew track (with vocals), it's not as agonizing as it sounds, it's actually pretty good, it's also the only one I ever used an MC303 Groovebox in, vocals are from about 2007 the instrumental would be somewhere around 2000.

   I genuinely like this one, sounds great in headphones anyway.

Click here to listen to it:
BN Crew - 4 Verses (When? Remix)
(MP3 320kb 6:55 16.4MB)

This shit is nuts

   The lost hard drive just keeps giving and giving, today it's brought us a new incarnation of Ballsack Itchin'. Having listened to the entire recording session I am extremely surprised we managed to record anything, talk about locked, I believe the recording involved a slab of beer and a bottle of whiskey.

   As usual it was constructed using only files that turned up on the missing hard drive so it still has the old school sound, don't be too depressed it's only a little over three minutes long.

Click here to listen to it:
BN Crew - Ballsack Itchin' (The The Remix)
(MP3 320kb 3:17 9.8MB)

This shit is nuts

   More from the batch of lost files, this one is 'When did This Begin To Happen To You?'. As if the original one wasn't good enough now we have the Tabernacle remix.

   It was constructed using only files that turned up on the missing hard drive so it still has the old school sound, enjoy it or don't enjoy it, we don't really care.

Click here to listen to it:
BN Crew - When Did This Begin To Happen To You 2016 (Tabernacle Remix)
(MP3 320kb 5:26 13.3MB)

This shit is nuts

   Following on from the announcement that I found a load of BN Crew files on a discarded Hard Drive I had been using to scrape my oven tray clean I am proud to present a cleaner, crisper remix of Clear Conscience.

   It was constructed using only files that turned up on the missing hard drive so it still has the old school sound, one critic has described the latest windfall as 'musical aids', we here at agree.

Click here to listen to it:
BN Crew - Clear Conscience 2016 (Beet Salad Remix)
(MP3 320kb 4:17 13.7MB)

Kid Bisto in blimp shame.
This shit is nuts
Award winning photoshop kills.

   The BN Crew today changed it's name to the BlimpN Crew in honour of Kid Bisto's new job as a blimp minder.

    The temporary change, which is expected to last as long as it takes to write this article, was inspired when Kid Bisto informed the BN elders of his new job, minding a blimp for some reason.

    'I'm minding a blimp for some reason' said a clearly distressed and annoyed Kid Blimpo.

    This latest bombshell brings the level of employment in the BN to a staggering 55%, although that number drops significantly to 10% when the O Continuum employment is taken out.

    Spokesperson for the O Continuum Gapford said 'Q the miserable, Q the desperate! What must I do to convince you people?' which many believe to be linked to the Industries Hall in some way.

Blimp it up and put it back down.

Coming soon: Long lost BN Crew rubbish.
This shit is nuts

   Due to the recent discovery of a hard drive full of old shit in my house this particular collection will be uploaded whenever I can handle my own life.

It will include remixes and outtakes from:
Clear Conscience
When Did This Begin To Happen To You?
Child Or Man
Ballsack Itchin'
My Body
Nothin' At All
Some random shit from Tippin' The Cow'
and loads more.

BN restructuring sees the rise of the Enemaniacs.
This shit is nuts

   The new year has brought yet another restructuring of the clearly already failed BN Crew.

   Among the major, yet unimportant, changes sees the formation of new splinter group the Enemaniacs.

   The group will replace the popular Wet Bandits, although they will still be mentioned whenever needed as if today's incredibly useless restructuring never happened.

   The Enemaniacs will consist of Ruddy J, Doctor Edgewild, Kid Bisto and Hamhead for some reason. This latest BN restructuring seems to make everyone feel better about the fact that we don't do or achieve anything, in any way. BN enforcer Kid Beef was unavailable for comment, nor did anyone ask, although it is presumed he doesn't approve of this move.

Johnny Durex And The Condominium to reform.
This shit is nuts

   In the wake of Gapford announcing his intention to reform the MeatBeat BN Crew enhancement talent Lofty today announced his desire to reform his band Johnny Durex and the Condominium.

   JD and the C had a string of number 1s in the late nineties but faded into obscurity due to the members forgetting they were in a band. Their last appearance was at Fistinvarna 2001 where they mesmerized the crowd with a blistering 5 hour set after which the drummer Hamhead died. At a press conference the following week Hamhead announced the band would no longer be recording or touring. Their fate was then sealed when lead singer Lofty was crippled from the neck down following a horrific cycling accident in Wexford (left).

   This is the latest in a long list of revivals within BN Crew that began with the reformation of the Wild Geese, the Leo Crowley Players and Gapford's repeated attempts to reform his beloved MeatBeat.

Gapford leaves BN Crew, joins The Wipers.
This shit is nuts

   BN Crew was left stunned today following the announcement that long time Crew member Gapford was to leave the BN Crew and join rival faction 'The Wipers'.

   The announcement was made while Gapford was propping up the bar in his fictional night club to fictional listeners.

   BN Crew claim they had no prior knowledge of this move despite Gapford stating 'We're with the wipers' on an extremely regular basis for some years now. When questioned about the puzzling statement Ceb told us "I thought it was just one of those things we were mad into saying all the time, I thought nothing of it, I even joined in most of the time."

   This latest blow for BN comes just weeks after Jackstack parted company with the Crew in a bid to make something of his life, he has not been heard from since.

   It is unclear what the next move for the BN Crew will be although naturalizing 'The Wipers' should be high on their priority.

Update: Gapford rejoined BN Crew there a minute ago releasing the following statement "Don't promote them, don't bring them to my games."

Trump blasts BN Crew.
This shit is nuts

   White House hopeful Donald Trump today put BN Crew on blast in what appears to be another popularity boosting effort.

   The mentally unstable man began by taking a shot at Jackstack claiming that Stack himself was guilty of future bullying, he then moved on to berate Dr. Leo saying "he's not so tough with his beard".

   BN Crew responded by sending Trump an autographed copy of clockwork Idiots, a sexually explicit poster of Gibney Ray and a clotheshorse.

"First Muslims now us, what's next? the Romulons? Roegner?" the Crew said during their hourly address to the nation.

   It is believed that this is the first and last we'll see of this topic as the article was only written to compliment the Photoshop effort.

Mallets raped by ghost.
This shit is nuts

   BN Crew was rocked today following revelations that splinter group member Malapeno had been raped.

By a ghost.

   The revelation has come as a shock to many of the crew although it has been reported that some of his closer friends were aware of the situation for some time.

   It is believed that the incident took place in 2001 in a sub-HQ of the BN Crew in North Dublin. At the time Malapeno confided in several MeatBeat members but the revelation was met with disbelief followed by laughter, at the time Cutter remarked "we need to find some new friends".

   A report was filed with an Garda Siochana who instantly dismissed it as being utter nonsense and charged Malapeno for wasting police time, he was later transported for a psychiatric evaluation which proved inconclusive.

   At the time of the attack mallets explained "I was just lying in my bed trying to get to sleep and next minute I felt HIM laying on top of me and going uhhhhhhhh" while thrusting his groin to visually illustrate his story.

   The incident is not thought to be directly connected to the north Dublin serial homosexual ghost rapist attacks of the late nineties which effected 4 out of every 5 males.

Fears grow for Ceb.
This shit is nuts

   Fears are growing for the mental health of BN Crew mainstay Ceb after worrying pictures of the embattled star surfaced online.

   Having spent much of the last several years in treatment for various mental disorders it appears Ceb has hit rock bottom. Several pictures have been leaked to various media outlets which appear to show Ceb in some kind of facial peril.

   Concerns were raised by several prominent BN Crew members in recent times regarding the mental stability of their band mate with Gapford stating "BN Crew are a group of men so absorbed by their own rhetoric something something something", in another statement made by Dr. Edgewild that appears to echo the sentiments of Gapford Edgewild said "Talking, that's why I'm talking" in a mad Norwich accent for some reason.

   Hamhead too is said to be concerned but also impressed by Ceb's new repertoire of hilarious faces, In a statement given to he said "He's fucking 34 and has a kid!"

Kev visits Lapland.
This shit is nuts
   Gapford is said to be furious after it emerged that Jevo abandoned his post with OBH in order to chase some pipe dream of going to Lapland to meet Santa.

   The already fraught relationship between Grintle and Jevo has been further strained today by what Gapford described as "unacceptable insubordination". The incident came to light when Gapford noticed that Kevo was not present during the 7am hourly roll call in Gapford's mind.

   These latest actions are sure to infuriate Griboflavin in the wake of his ban on happiness and social pursuits. It is believed that Kevo always wanted to meet Santa and promised a crippled child that before 2015 was done he'd accomplish his goals, our insiders tell us that the child was not crippled before meeting Kev.

   In an earlier statement Kev said "I'm mad into Lapland and mad going there frequently against Gapford's wishes".

Cutter sits on chair.
This shit is nuts

   In the latest developments within the BN camp insiders earlier confirmed that Cutter had sat on a chair.

   With rumours of the resurgence of Backlash 2011 all but confirmed photos obtained by indicate that the Cutter is unfazed by the latest worrying developments or more likely that he is completely unaware of the latest developments because I just made them up there a second ago.

   Some will remember the turbulent times of Backlash 2011 as it tore apart the Crew and lead to several high profile deaths most notably Mr. Squarehead, Hamhead and Gapford followed by a bloody power vacuum in which everybody died.

   Cutter however did not escape Backlash 2011 unscathed, on day 81 of the Backlash Cutter was diagnosed with Aids and by day 82 he had succumbed to his illness. On day 83 doctors overturned his death and stated that he had been misdiagnosed and was in fact alive and only suffering a common cold. When confronted with this news Cutter said to the waiting media circus "What?".

   It's believed that Cutter is completely unaware that we still update with our made up shit and that even fifteen years ago he had zero interest in it.

We reached out to Gibbo for a comment but he was too busy having Aids.

Music 2000 - A Collection Of Various Instrumentals

    Some stuff Ceb had been working on from 2000 until late 2015. Not limited to just hip-hop/rap beats this collection extends to drum & bass, house, ambient etc.
1. 80s Electro Chase (Retro/Electro)
2. Bad Sector (Electro/Hip-Hop)
3. Drum & Bass (Retro/Breakbeat/Jungle)
4. Dub Honk (Electro/Hip-Hop)
5. Dynamo King (Ambient/Hip-Hop)
6. Excellent Rising (Electro/Hip-Hop)
7. Future Equals Fear (Electro/Hip-Hop)
8. Homeless People (2001 Version) (Dance/Acid House)
9. Into The Blue (Ambient Dance)
10. Pain Express (2001 Version) (Ambient/Garage)
11. Raw (Electro/Hip-Hop)
12. Relaxed Atmosphere (Ambient)
13. Retro Techno (Retro/Techno)
14. Wild Style (Electro/Hip-Hop)
15. You Can Hire (Retro/Trance)

Remembering The MeatBeat.
This shit is nuts    The MeatBeat were a splinter group of the BN Crew that emerged in 2001 and had faded into oblivion by 2007.

They burned bright and faded fast but to remind all of those in the group, associated with the group or who simply have tried to forget them a sub section has been created as was the case in the very first BN Crew website.

MeatBeat - We meet you, then we beat you.

Hamhead- "I'm better than Gapford".
This shit is nuts    In yet another glaringly obvious personal dig at Gapford Hamhead has become a doctor.

   Since Backlash 2011 concluded Hamhead and Gapford have embarked in a bitter game of "who's better" with Hamhead continuously baiting Gapford by gaining more qualifications in a bid to prove that he's a better human being.

   Gapford has responded to the gloating each time with further qualifications of his own, last month he became a fully qualified welder somehow but this attack by Hamhead will take a lot to beat. It was confirmed by long time Hambone ally Kid Bisto that Hambone had indeed become a fully qualified doctor, however investigations could find no evidence to support this claim, we reached out to Beaumont Hospital in Dublin who could only confirm that a doctors uniform had gone missing the same day Hambone announced his qualifications.

   We were unable to verify Gapford's welding qualifications but we did establish that he purchased his welding get up rather than stole it.

   Your move Ham-Sandwich.

Ceb Flies Dog Like Kite.
Fisting      With storm Desmond in full effect BN Crew gudgeon pin Ceb took advantage by tying a string to his pet dog Rodney and flying him like a kite. Witness' say a great time was had by both Rodney and Ceb until the string broke and Rodney floated off into the distance, he is expected to return later on this evening.

Clockwork Idiots, the Complete Album is here

    In Early 2006 the band had dropped from a solid 60 strong crew to 5. Early in the year many speculated that BN Crew had in fact broken up but the remaining 5 would defy all naysayers when in a joint statement they revealed they streamlined the crew to focus on a new project currently titled 'Clockwork Idiots'. It was later revealed that most of the crew had merely grown up, moved on, started families or died tragically.

     'Clockwork Idiots' remains to Hamhead the most highly anticipated waste of time of his life, if rumours are to be believed it's fucking terrible.
1. Bin Compactor (Dr. Leo/Ceb)
2. Ballsack Itchin' (Dr. Leo/Ceb)
3. Bad Sector (Ceb)
4. Child Or Man (Dr. Edgewild/Ceb)
5. Clear Conscience (Dr. Edgewild/Ceb)
6. When Did This Begin To Happen To You (Ceb)
7. Dublin City (Remix) (Aidan/Dr. Leo)
8. Get Loose (Like A Chocolate Mousse) (Ceb)
9. Bong Break (Ceb)
10. Future Equals Fear (Ceb)
11. Nothin At All (Ceb)
12. My Body (Dr. Edgewild/Ceb)
13. The Retrospective (Ceb)
14. Christmas Log (Ceb)
15. You Can Hire (Remix) (Dr. Edgewild)
16. Raw (Ceb)
17. Don't Do A Thing (Dr. Edgewild)
18. Bring It Out To Me (Remix) (Fintec)
19. Disturbed (Clear Conscience Remix) (Dr. Edgewild/Ceb)
20. You Can Hire (Linen Room Remix) (Dr. Edgewild/Ceb)
21. The Statement (Sprats/Ceb)

Details about the album [Click Here]

A Brief History Of The Crew
     The BN Crew (originally The Buttnuggets) are a rap/comedy band started in 1997 in North Dublin. The groups founding members were Dr. Edgewild, Dr. Leo and the Psychologist Ceb.

     Their first album 'Smells like white spirits' (later re-titled 'Tippin' the cow') was recorded in the space of 14 hours in Ceb's parents house in Glasnevin, Dublin. This was a 90 minute psychedelic mind melter with influences from hip-hop and punk. The equipment used was primitive CD players, tape decks and an earphone taped to a pen as a microphone.

     Although the album was almost entirely instrumental (with the exception of 'Wypin') the Buttnuggets would later become a hip-hop band during the thriving years of the Dublin hip hop scene. Their first album was described by many as being "unlistenable".

     Following extremely poor (non existent) sales and continued substance abuse issues by Ceb the Nuggets took a break until the year 2000 when they made a spectacular comeback under the new name 'BN Crew'.

     2000 saw the return of the newly reformed BN Crew with what some say is still their greatest track, 'Babykill'. Babykill also introduced one of the new additions to the Crew, Luke. He was part of a massive new posse the BN Crew had amassed who became known as the BN Crew All Stars for some reason.

     In the year following Babykill Dr. Leo and the Psychologist Ceb spent much of the time hanging out in the Sushi Recording studios waiting for house parties to start so they could present their new material. A highlight of this era was the debut of "The Rapists" at Iano Mincers house party, this is also the only known time where females actually danced to a BN Crew song.

     Following the chick dancing incident productivity dwindled somewhat although the Crew still managed to produce a second album "Where Did It All Go Wrong". This offering was almost all hip-hop with an extremely raw sound. The album featured a host of hidden talent within the crew including Aido, Double B, The Muinteoir, Meanologue, Hambone and Muttonhead. The album is credited as killing most of their music careers.

     Sales of this were also extremely poor as Ceb only made 20 copies and literally couldn't give them away, in his own words he used most of them to "fix a wobbly chair".

     In early 2006 work began on the follow up album "Clockwork Idiots", Dr. Edgewild and Ceb laid down three tracks in one session, this was followed by more recording sessions finally reuniting Ceb & Dr. Leo on 'Ballsack Itchin'. Currently the album remains incomplete with 15 tracks recorded*, many of which are just Ceb having the buzz and spitting out old school gibber jabber over self produced beats.

     Currently there are 5 recorded yet not uploaded tracks that should finalize "Clockwork Idiots", the later sound is a relatively sample free home grown electronic affair with the same old lyrics thrown over it.

     BN Crew are a band who often seem obsolete and forgotten but sporadically churn a track or two out and every decade or so have enough material to splice an album together, this is unlikely to change.
* The album is now complete

Happiness overthrows BN Crew.
     Jubilation flooded social media today when BN Crew depression case Wisp was photographed enjoying something.
[Read More]

HamHead declares jihad in own sitting room.
     Chaos struck the BN Crew today when resident sympathizer, HamHead, declared a jihad within his own sitting room.
[Read More]

     Jacks report - Some hotel in Dortmund.
Feels a little like a tomb or even coffin but surprisingly warm and plain. An accusing eye count of zero means 3 rolls.

     Cambridge Services A14:
     Space age style toilet seat was a bit of a put off but ended up a pretty decent experience.

      Accusing eyes were present but unobtrusive. Pretty solid setup, good availability, clean enough. A solid 3.5 rolls.

The BN Crew, Have they actually improved?

     Recently released recordings unearthed by suggest the quality of BN Crew music has actually improved contrary to popular knowledge.

Some months back unearthed a rare recording featuring a blast of various tracks from the almost mythical "Tippin' The Cow" album, following the release of this and the current sober hindsight of some of the original members the popular belief is that the Crew have actually improved since 1997.

The "Tippin'" recording stems from a chance sharing of a "Face off" style taxi following a Radiohead gig in 1997 between Dr. Edgewild, Dr. Leo and Ceb, the three instantly saw common ground for their love of cromulent music. Dr. Edgewild with his punk influence, Dr. Leo with his soul, funk and blaxploitation and Ceb with his place to hang out and basic knowledge of fabricating a functioning mic from a pen and an "Apollo 1" set of earphones. The next few weeks would see the three brain storm bouncing terrible ideas off each other and going with them. Having been inspired by a plate of chicken nuggets Ceb once consumed the BN (Buttnuggets) gained their name.

     Shortly after this Dr. Leo attended Ceb's new found Sushi recording studio in Griffith avenue in a bid to record some solid shit, many believe Leo only attended the session as his mates had money and actually wanted to have a social life, the pair were joined some hours later by Dr. Edgewild who was bored of sitting at home and promptly went to sleep in the 'studio'. During his slumber the pair recorded what is arguably the most groundbreaking Irish record in history, it featured cameos from local Dublin legend Gibney Ray who walked in and threw a 2 pence piece at the speaker (as heard in Alcopop a slight return).

At a later stage several tracks (a single track) was recorded featuring the vocal stilling of Hambone and Double B, this track was Wypin' which paved the way for the BN to assault the hip hop world. Toolbox joined the gang soon after putting down chilling vocals on the hit singles "B + Snippy" and "Black Is The Colour". The new additions to BN became known as the BN all stars who went on to record various tracks for the upcoming album.

     Once all of this was compiled on to one 90 minute tape originally titled "Tippin' The Cow" (although titled "Smells like white spirits" on the physical tape) the world was a BN oyster, the BN embarked on their first world tour of Dublin with the unfavourable title of "Live Aids". The band started the tour in upper Grizzle Avenizzle playing the tape only to themselves, this was met with enthusiasm from themselves, they immediately traveled to lower Grizzle Avenizzle where again they played only to themselves and possibly a very young Gapford, still riding the fame high the band headed toward Marino and broke out the fresh new sound and finally they concluded the tour in North Strand, it's safe to say this was a success in their own minds.

Immediately after this the band lost interest in the band, Dr. Edgewild went on to play the Sims for a few years, Dr. Leo went on to pretend to be black and have soul and Ceb went on some kind of heroic drug and alcohol binge.

     In 2000 the band would return under the revised name BN Crew with the unforgettable Babykill but have the Crew actually improved over the years? History has all but deleted the first album from memory and physical existence and with the only known recording being the unearthed session we asked a group of music professionals and enthusiasts the question, they said "No".

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